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‘Secret Ingredients’: Expert says the latest anti-GMO ‘shockumentary’ is clever, provocative—and wrong

| | November 16, 2018

We’ve all see this in a science classroom or conference: The monotone reading from a prepared script, coupled with PowerPoint visuals = snoozefest. As any educator can attest, this is a surefire way to tune out your audience.

I marvel at how anti-ag “shockumentaries” never fall into that rut. You know, in the time-honored, inflammatory vein of “Food Inc.”, “Cowspiracy,” “Farmageddon,” etc. Through clever wordplays, provocative imagery, and anecdotes, they appeal to the everyman/woman in us all.

I recently had the opportunity to review a new entry to the shockumentary genre: “Secret Ingredients.” True to form, it’s an alphabet soup of common gripes, all rolled into a tidy package. Essentially, the duo of GMOs and Roundup are responsible for all our chronic health ills. The tabloid-esque assertions are so absurd, and the visuals so comically overblown …. a butterfly fleeing in terror from a cropduster …. it seemingly borders on self-parody. But it’s deadly serious.

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One of my biggest gripes with this piece is the positioning of doctors. We have a motley crew of legitimate doctors working outside their area of expertise, as well as a chiropractor and naturopath. The chiropractor exhorted people to adopt an organic diet, chiropractic, and a positive mindset …. In addition, film called out the lack of nutritional training in med school, but feels comfortable with these doctors “prescribing” organic diets?

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