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Are we ‘meddling with creation’ by growing GMO crops?

| | December 17, 2018

[F]or some, it’s a stretch to reconcile faith with new developments in agriculture, especially when it involves (perceived) meddling with creation. For a case study, look no further than old faithful: GMOs.

Since their rollout over 20 years ago, I’m unaware of any technology that has received such a Jekyll and Hyde reception. Some proclaimed GMOs the game changing equivalent of a “killer app.” Others disapproved, portraying them as an untested menace.

[A]re GMOs the epitome of hubris — a presumption that we know “better” than the creator? When we redesign and patent the fabric of life with our figurative John Hancock, who then are we ultimately celebrating? Him, or us? …. I often imagine God (stereotypically) seated aloft on a billowing cloud peering down mercifully on creation. All ag products, of course, are monogrammed with the Almighty’s initials. That’s not to say that we can’t make changes. It’s like the homebrew scene, it pays homage to the originator.

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Nothing we grow or consume is remotely natural. It’s all the result of some form of modification ….  We’ve been browbeaten with this idea that life is insufferably and immutably static. But we know that organisms laterally swap DNA (the signature of the creator) …. Sweet potato has bacterial gene leftovers …. The tools and precedent already exist in creation ….

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