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Viewpoint: 6 debunked anti-GMO talking points activists should abandon for good

The public still accepts some blatant untruths about biotechnology, food safety, and sustainability ...
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French court rules sweet grapefruit, barley, wheat and 2500 crops, developed by mutagenizing seeds with toxic chemicals or gamma rays yet often sold as organic, are GMO, must be labeled and cultivation banned

Mutagenesis is a process where new strains of food and products are created using chemicals and radiation in the lab ...
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Crops produced with mutagenesis misleadingly labeled ‘non-GMO’ in Germany, biotech industry trade group says

According to research by [Germany's Free Democratic Party] and the genetic engineering-friendly association “Forum Grüne Reason” (FGV), many foods labeled ...
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Infographic: Are genetically engineered crops less safe than classically-bred food?

Crops and foods today are not what they used to look like. Farmers and plant breeders have been modifying plant ...

USDA reveals plans to regulate GM plants based on traits, not breeding method

USDA's Sid Abel and Doug McKalip just briefed me on the new regulatory framework that is shaping up for the ...

Viewpoint: By ‘shutting the door’ on crop gene editing, Europe shows its biotech regulations deeply flawed

The European Court of Justice has made an important ruling on genetically modified crops. Since 2003, new crop varieties produced by ...

Frankenfoods? A ‘terrible word’ that could describe more foods than you might realize

What's a Frankenfood? If science matters, it's not food with ingredients whose genes have been precision modified ...

10 truths about GMOs, organics and modern farming

As the debate over GMOs has gone viral, city-dwellers often position themselves as experts on farming. But there's often a ...
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