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Viewpoint: African farmers blocked from using life-saving GMO bananas by European activists

Anti-biotech groups funded by Western activists campaign against the commercialization of GMO crops in Africa, such as a new disease-resistant ...
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Talking Biotech: Former anti-GMO activist Mark Lynas on how resistance to crop biotechnology hurts small African farms

Mark Lynas, Cornell Alliance for Science: "Moral injustice" of NGOs preventing Africans from adopting GMO crops driven by "green ideology" ...
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Worst 10 list: Advocacy groups that put ideology ahead of science on food and farming issues

Which organizations promote ideology over science in the debate over crop biotechnology? The list includes some of the most well-known ...

4 human genetics organizations that put ideology ahead of science

There are legitimate concerns about the rapid pace of genetics research. But some of the most well known groups seen ...
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