Podcast: Anti-GMO ‘documentaries’; Cancel culture v Darwin? Biotech chestnut trees

So-called 'cancel culture' has already taken down a handful of prominent scientists and philosophers, living and deceased. One evolutionary biologist ...
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Viewpoint: Pesticide residues on food could be 100,000 times higher—and still wouldn’t harm your health

The idea that “nonorganic” produce, typically referred to as “conventional” produce, is unsafe to eat is pervasive, and it largely ...
Viewpoint: 'GMOs cause cancer' and 17 other persistent health myths debunked

Viewpoint: ‘GMOs cause cancer’ and 17 other persistent health myths debunked

Cracking your knuckles causes arthritis. Eating eggs gives you heart disease. Coffee stunts your growth. No, no and no again ...

New study hyping health benefits of organic food is more marketing than science, biologist argues

How do you know when a "study" isn't really a study? When the people who performed it wrote up a ...
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Eating organic food reduces risk of some cancers, controversial study claims

A French study published in the JAMA [Journal of the American Medical Association[ Internal Medicine journal links eating organic food ...
gmo Benbrook Pollan Philpott

FOIA emails reveal anti-GMO, pro-organic spin ‘A team’ led by Tom Philpott and Michael Pollan

A trove of new emails tied to former professor Charles Benbrook shines an ethically harsh light on the journalistic ethics ...
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‘Natural’ illusions: Biologist’s failed attempt to defend organic food

Swedish writer trained in biology had embraced organic food and farming for years as a safer and healthier alternative to ...
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