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Plants communicate to fight off pests. Their ‘conversations’ might help us safeguard our food crops

When a beetle larva bites into the leaf of a goldenrod plant .... [t]he bite damages the goldenrod .... causing ...

Synthetic biosensors: Engineered plants could detect flu viruses and crop pests before they become global problems

You’ve felt sick ever since you started working in a different office .... but building management can’t find the source ...
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Climate change could turn bugs into more aggressive pests—and limit the ability of plants to protect themselves

Recent models are telling us that, as our climate warms up, herbivores and pests will cause increased damage to agricultural ...
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‘Morally appropriate’? Entomologists question effort to eradicate disease-causing tsetse fly in Africa

Sleeping sickness (or trypanosomiasis), endemic to sub-Saharan Africa, is a horribly debilitating disease. … [Why not] end sleeping sickness by ...
1-30-2019 ti mouse gene drive feat

Rodent-targeting gene drive could be delivered through CRISPR

Scientists are getting closer to creating a genetic pest-control measure against rodents. Female mice engineered to carry a genetic cut-and-paste machine ...
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Climate change makes bugs hungrier, which could threaten our food supply

Climate change is already threatening our food supply by raising temperatures and causing wildfires, but as a new study in ...
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