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Children from extramarital affairs not as common as we think, study shows

Scientist | 
That old joke about the milkman fathering many of a town’s children—it’s far from true, a new study reaffirms. Researchers ...

Rethinking what causes Parkinson’s: Studies suggest we may be looking in the wrong place

Scientist | 
During her time as a postdoc at the University of Basel in Switzerland, Sarah Shahmoradian decided to study the abnormal aggregates of ...
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Researchers may get better access to marijuana if DEA follows through on latest pledge

Scientist | 
[August 26], the Drug Enforcement Administration announced plans to create new regulations to expand scientific and medical research on marijuana ...

Exercise creates a ‘unique microbiome’ in our guts. We don’t know why.

Scientist | 
Teaming up with microbiologists and toxicologists from Rutgers and a pathologist from Oklahoma City, [researcher Sara] Campbell designed an experiment ...
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Chasing links between mental illness and microbes living in our guts

Scientist | 
“If you would have asked a neuroscientist 10 years ago whether they thought the gut microbiota could be linked to ...
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Are we fighting diseases wrong? Researcher suggests a better approach is building tolerance to infection

Scientist | 
[Researcher Janelle] Ayres was running the experiment to determine what causes genetically identical mice to respond differently to the same ...

Can the flu cause Parkinson’s and other brain disorders?

Scientist | 
One of the earliest links between influenza and neural dysfunction was a correlation between the 1918 Spanish flu, caused by ...

China is growing crops on the moon in preparation for its proposed lunar base

Scientist | 
There’s cotton growing on the far side of the moon—the first time plants have sprouted there. On January 3, a ...

Exercise as a treatment for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s?

Scientist | 
Researchers have long recognized that exercise sharpens certain cognitive skills. Indeed, [researcher Hiroshi] Maejima and his colleagues have found that ...

Life-forming water droplets could have jump-started early evolution

Scientist | 
Reactions in tiny droplets of water may have given rise to some of the molecules essential for the origin of ...