scientists shred study that says genetically modified food makes pigs sick

Viewpoint: News or propaganda? UK newspaper the Guardian paid over $800k to publish anti-farming ‘investigation’

Publishing propaganda as news is dishonest and lets readers down. Dr. Henry Miller, the founding director of the FDA's Office ...
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‘High-stakes information battle’ brewing over which coronavirus experts to trust

Determining who is an authoritative figure worth amplifying is more challenging than ever. Curated, personalized feeds enable bespoke realities. Trump ...

Talking Biotech: Disturbing new details on Putin’s anti-GMO propaganda campaign designed to sow political discord in the U.S.

An examination by social scientists revealed "surprising evidence" of a Russian campaign aimed at discrediting GMOs and influencing public opinion ...
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Kevin Folta looks back 5 years after release of controversial Séralini GMO rat study

The heavily criticized and retracted paper linked GMO consumption and glyphosate exposure to cancer in rats. The brouhaha that erupted ...

Using Freedom of Information Act to target biotech scientists boomerangs against anti-GMO activists

Teacher Stephan Neidenbach reflects on his experiences using--and being targeted by—Freedom of Information Act requests, the technique commandeered by US ...

Newsmax unmasked: How scare stories are manufactured by right wing anti-GMO activists

Anti-GMO propaganda production usually emerges from leftist environmental and activist groups. But they have no peer in the pseudo-science emanating ...
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