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Video: Biohackers take coronavirus vaccine into their own hands

A collective of biohackers has begun circulating a document proposing a plan to create, test, and distribute a vaccine to ...
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US birth rate hits record low—and that might be a good thing

The U.S. total fertility rate has dropped to below 1.73 births per woman, according to a new report from the ...
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Viewpoint: Gene-edited kids are no riskier than the non-edited variety

"The introduction of genetic modifications into future generations could have permanent and possibly harmful effects on the species," a group ...

‘Stupidity-inducing environment’: Are we getting dumber?

People are getting dumber. So concludes a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS): Using military conscription data ...
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Fears of ‘designer babies’ are surfacing again

"What we're seeing is a fast slide down a very slippery slope toward designer babies," warned Marcy Darnovsky. … What has alarmed ...
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Home biohacker: Creating deadly human pathogens ‘is not that easy’

Using the handy tools sent in [the ODIN’s Genetk Design Kit], I was set to re-engineer some nonpathogenic E. coli ...
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