Podcast: Flower color, bees and biodiversity—how pollinators drive plant evolution

Kat Arney and reporter Graihagh Jackson get lost in the Valley of Hybridization ...
breastfeeding motherhood mother

Evolutionary riddle: Why humans have breasts?

Bridget Alex | 
Over the years, researchers have proposed a number of explanations for human breasts. Some claimed evolution favored “pendulous” breasts — as scientists ...

From horses to mice, animal inbreeding has shaped human existence

Humans have been breeding animals together, a new natural selection, since the beginning of time. However, inbreeding can have drastically ...

Behold the octopus: Problem solver, tool user and now, gene editor

Ben Locwin | 
The more we learn about octopuses and squids, the more mysterious they become. The ability to edit their own RNA ...
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