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Only child syndrome? These kids are no more ‘selfish, narcissistic’ than others, study suggests

Emily Reynolds | 
Wherever you fall in a group of siblings, there are plenty of stereotypes about the sort of person you are ...
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Are first-borns really more assertive? How birth order affects personality

Corinna Hartmann, Sara Goudarzi | 
In spite of sharing genes and environments, siblings are often not as similar in nature as one might think. But ...
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‘Only child’ no more: DNA test reveals woman has at least 29 brothers and sisters

Brett Molina | 
For Shauna Harrison, her journey from only child to a sister with 29 siblings started with a revisit to her 23andme ...
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Autism, attention deficit disorder share ‘significant’ genetic links, sibling study shows

Jessica Wright | 
Children who have an older sibling with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are at an increased risk of having autism, ...
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Why do siblings of children with autism also have social problems?

Jessica Wright | 
Even typical siblings of children with autism tend to struggle with anxiety, depression and social difficulties, according to a large ...

Family ties: Searching for autism origins in the genes of unaffected siblings

Sarah Richards | 
Scientists have historically focused on studying a “quartet” of two biological parents and two autistic children. Yet more recent research ...
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