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DNA tests can guide breast cancer treatment, while also raising questions we can’t yet answer

Washington Post | 
In a new era of precision medicine, the role of genetics is becoming increasingly critical to determine who might benefit ...
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‘Simple blood test’ could give us an early warning system for cancer

Smithsonian | 
As of 2020, there are now targeted therapy drugs for 30 kinds of cancer. As part of this whirlwind of innovation, ...

Gut bacteria could play key role in patient response to new cancer treatments

Smithsonian | 
Does the quality and diversity of human gut bacteria determine whether people will successfully respond to cancer treatment? “When we ...

Family ties: Searching for autism origins in the genes of unaffected siblings

Smithsonian | 
Scientists have historically focused on studying a “quartet” of two biological parents and two autistic children. Yet more recent research ...

Using DNA to reunite immigrant families shows why genetic screening ‘should be widely embraced’

Time | 
As the U.S. government struggles to make good on its promise to reunite all 3,000 children and parents who were separated ...

As precision medicine explodes, there aren’t enough genetic counselors to go around

Atlantic | 
[When Nancy] Wurtzel stared at the blue glow of her computer screen announcing she had two copies of the ApoE4 ...

Should you test your baby for genetic disease risks at birth?

Smithsonian | 
Before Cheryl Connolly gave birth to her first child, Loudon, she ran through the checklist of all the things expecting ...
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