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Prebiotics: How best to protect your skin and why daily showers may not be a good idea

James Hamblin | 
Now couldn’t be a weirder time to question washing. I’ve spent the past three years reporting on how our notions ...

Can DNA predict a person’s facial features? New forensic tool gets us closer, by deducing hair, eye and skin color

Ricki Lewis | 
Could DNA testing predict faces to go with found body parts? ...

Summer is coming: Just how much sun can your DNA take before being damaged?

Ben Locwin | 
We're entering sunscreen season, which means 'high alert' for sun-related skin damage. How does our DNA impact our susceptibility? ...
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Searching for a link between skin problems and mental health

Angela Lashbrook | 
While some studies have shown a link between isotretinoin use and suicidal thoughts and depression, it’s not clear whether those mental health effects are ...

Gene therapy creates boy’s replacement skin from his stem cells

Ricki Lewis | 
Doctors treated a 7-year-old boy’s devastating genetic skin disease—junctional epidermolysis bullosa—by genetically modifying his stem cells to create a new ...
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