GMO Free label movement spins out of control—Now it’s on cat litter and condoms

Brian Barth | 
From acai to condoms, companies are capitalizing on anti-GMO fervor, with misleading labels. At bus stops all over my neighborhood are ...

Talking Biotech: Meet the liquor store owner boycotting Smirnoff’s ‘non-GMO’ vodka

Allison Nondorf, Kevin Folta | 
Meet Allison Nondorf, a farmer and co-owner of A&C Liquid Assets in Kansas. The liquor store refuses to sell Smirnoff's ...

Absolut failure: Kansas farm family takes stand against fear-based non-GMO vodka marketing

Kevin Folta | 
I don’t throw the word hero around very often, but in this case the cape fits. Out on the vast ...
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