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Ancient farmers helped build the Amazon’s rich biodiversity, archaeologists find

Farmers helped build the Amazon's rich biodiversity by maintaining soil health with sustainable growing practices, an international team of scientists ...

Glyphosate and other pesticides pose little threat to soil health, many studies show

Most no-tillers use some external inputs like herbicides and synthetic fertilizers, though there are certainly those who have or are ...
benefits to the soil by earthworms

Does glyphosate or other common herbicides endanger beneficial earthworms? New study finds ‘low risk’, with Roundup among the safest

Agrochemicals are an important component of agricultural production systems. There are increasing concerns about the effect of agrochemicals on soil ...
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Finnish ecological sustainability study: Glyphosate-based Roundup herbicide has ‘minor, transient’ impacts on soil and animal health

Despite an increasing concern of consequences of using vast amounts of glyphosate-based herbicides in agroecosystems, their potential effects on non-target ...
field of corn

GMO Bt corn has ‘no impact’ on health of soil animals, two-year study finds

Scientists from Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences conducted a 2-year field trial and found that genetically engineered maize producing insecticidal ...
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Treating nutrient-stripped soil with charcoal made from plants could boost US crop yields 6%

Farmers in the US can expect to see an increase in crop yield of between 4.7 and 6.4%, on average, ...
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Here’s how GMO crops preserve soil health and curb climate change

A healthy agricultural production system cannot exist without healthy soils. Aside from being the habitat of diverse organisms that contribute ...
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