Sequenced sugarcane genome aids development of high-yielding GMO crop varieties

An international group of researchers led by scientists from Brazil's Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo ...
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Can controlled burns crack down on herbicide-resistant weeds?

Weeds are thieves. They steal nutrients, sunlight and water from our food crops. In the case of sugarcane, yield refers ...

As sugar demand falls, gene editing could ‘reinvent’ sugarcane as green energy

Charlie McKillop, Kallee Buchanan | 
Sugar has long been a source of energy for people, but now scientists believe they are close to unlocking its ...
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15 surprising GMO and gene-edited crop advances underway in South and Central America

Daniel Norero | 
Latin America is a vital region in the global production of genetically modified (GM) crops, with Brazil and Argentina ranked ...
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With GMO insect-resistant sugarcane approval, Brazilian farmers poised to reap benefits of biotech pipeline

Steven Cerier | 
With the approval of Brazil's fourth genetically-engineered crop--insect-resistant sugarcane--Brazil is emerging as the most genetically innovative developing country ...
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