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Viewpoint: Biofortified GMO crops can help alleviate world hunger

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
About 800 million people are currently suffering from hunger in the world, and some 2 billion suffer from some type of ...
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15 surprising GMO and gene-edited crop advances underway in South and Central America

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Latin America is a vital region in the global production of genetically modified (GM) crops, with Brazil and Argentina ranked ...
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15 years after debuting GMO crops, Colombia’s switch has benefited farmers and environment

Genetic Literacy Project | 
GM crops saved water, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and provided farmers and the rest of Colombia with a variety of ...

Ecuador passes law allowing GMO crop research

ChileBio | 
[Editor's note: The following article has been translated from Spanish.] Ecuador has approved a law allowing the entry of genetically ...
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GMO 20-year safety endorsement: 280 science institutions, more than 3,000 studies

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Despite vehement public debate, there is an overwhelming scientific consensus that GE foods present no greater risk than non-GMO crops, ...

Chile’s GMO schizophrenia: It exports seeds and imports crops, but doesn’t allow cultivation

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Chile has a surprising export crop: seeds. It is currently the fifth largest seed producer worldwide, and the first in the production of genetically ...

Developing countries, universities beginning to develop genetically engineered crops

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
A very common criticism against genetically modified (GM) crops, whenever they are mentioned, is to automatically associate them with a ...
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Latin American GMO powerhouse Brazil expands portfolio of crops with intro of new herbicide resistant soy

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Brazil pushes forward in its GMO development program, approving a new herbicide resistant soybean. About 90% of Brazilian soy and ...
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244 reasons why GMOs are safe: Global science organizations endorse crop biotech

Si Quiero Transgenicos | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Currently there is a ...
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GMO gluten-free wheat could be savior for celiac sufferers, but anti-biotech campaigners block it

Biology Fortified | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Wheat is one of the ...
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280 global science organizations affirm consensus for GMO food and crop safety

Si Quiero Transgenicos | 
Currently there is a social and political controversy about the safety of of foods produced from genetically modified (GM) crops, ...