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140+ Mexican scientists urge president not to issue decree pushed by ‘activists, painters and chefs’ banning GMO research

Members of the academic community related to biotechnology, bioengineering, genomics and related disciplines express their concern about the possibility of ...
wheat field

Argentina delays commercial release of drought-tolerant GMO wheat, assessing trade disruptions

Although the new drought-tolerant transgenic wheat developed by an Argentine company has the support of President Macri, the Minister of ...

Argentina approves first drought-resistant, herbicide-tolerant GMO soybean

The Argentine government approved the first soy that is tolerant to drought and that also combines better weed control by ...
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Utilization of GMO crops could double Bolivia’s corn yields

Bolivia has been harvesting genetically modified (GM) soybeans since 2008, and its production exceeds one million hectares per year since 2012 ...

Ecuador passes law allowing GMO crop research

Daniel Norero | 
[Editor's note: The following article has been translated from Spanish.] Ecuador has approved a law allowing the entry of genetically ...