Argentina delays commercial release of drought-tolerant GMO wheat, assessing trade disruptions

wheat field

Although the new drought-tolerant transgenic wheat developed by an Argentine company has the support of President Macri, the Minister of Production and the Secretary of Science for final approval, the Secretary of Agribusiness and the Owner of INTA oppose its commercial release.

The reason? The uncertainty of producers facing a wheat that does not yet have import approval in any other country in the world, and therefore, the possibility of losing strategic markets. In the recent meeting held at the Casa Rosada to discuss this problem, Macri finally gave officials 60 days to seek a consensus.

While no one disputes the advances in technology that allow increased production and competitiveness, some stakeholders worry about how importers of Argentine wheat will react to this drought-tolerant wheat.


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The vice-president of the Rural Society (SRA) Carlos Vila Moret said that “we support technological advances, but we object from the commercial point of view.”

“Transgenic wheat is an important advance because it would increase production in marginal areas. But we must not lose sight of the reaction that markets can have….”added Vila Moret.

[Editor’s note: This article was originally published in Spanish. This summary was prepared with Google Translate.]


Read full, original article: Approval of transgenic wheat in Argentina delayed, despite support from the President

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