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Ancient tool technology passed down for thousands of generations by extinct human species, study says

George Dvorsky | 
When it comes to extinct human species, Neanderthals tend to hog the spotlight. But another group of early humans, Homo erectus, is ...
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Deeper understanding of our ‘sense of touch’ could lead to better prostheses

Daisy Hernandez | 
Imagine you’re holding a pen by the tip-side in between your thumb and index finger. You close your eyes and ...
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Tackling Stone Age stereotypes and misconceptions including this: They made tools out of more than just stone

Stephen Nash | 
Although most depictions of Stone Age hunters are male, women and children played a huge part in the creation and ...
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Did laziness drive early human relative, Homo erectus, to extinction?

Phoebe Weston | 
Homo erectus may have gone extinct because they were lazy, according to research from the Australian National University. Scientists claim ...
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