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Infographic: Are genetically engineered crops less safe than classically-bred food?

Crops and foods today are not what they used to look like. Farmers and plant breeders have been modifying plant ...
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GMOs in pipeline promise consumer-friendly traits but attacks by familiar critics abound

Genetic engineering of food is moving on to the second-generation. The changes could be revolutionary ...

Artificial DNA acts just like the real thing. Does that mean we should we make it?

We know we can create 'artificial DNA'. The real questions are: Should we? and To What end? Should there be ...
Xenopus laevis by Tim Vickers

Meet Watchfrogs: GM frogs and fish detect endocrine disrupting chemicals in wastewater

The public brouhaha over the first GM animal designed for human consumption--the AquaBounty salmon-- has thrown a cloud over the ...
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GMO myth busting: Crops (and humans) safely composed of ‘foreign’ genes

A central canon of GMO critics is the belief that transgenics--transferring genes from one species to another--represents a 'crime against ...
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