vertical farming

Viewpoint: At $17/pound, vertically farmed vegetables are nowhere near sustainable

On [June 10] the city council of Jersey City, New Jersey [voted] on awarding a three-year, $1 million contract to ...
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Could indoor ‘freight farms’ provide ideal growing conditions for CRISPR-edited crops?

The technology and innovation moving within modern day agriculture is so fast-paced and expansive, you can find futuristic solutions, ideas, ...
vertical farming

Gene editing could help make vertical farming a viable tool in the battle against global hunger

Dr. Huw Jones of Aberystwyth University stressed the importance of genetic engineering in the future of agriculture, saying that while ...
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Viewpoint: Don’t ‘oversell’ veganism as the only solution to climate change

Meat consumption plays a huge role in global warming, producing nearly 15% of all carbon dioxide emissions, even more than ...

Swapping tractors for computer tablets: Is the future of farming digital and indoors?

Workers at Bowery Farming's warehouse near New York have swapped out a farmer's hoe for a computer tablet that takes ...
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