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Why virtual reality is a ‘far from perfect’ tool for studying how the brain works

Virtual Reality (VR) is not just for video games. Researchers use it in studies of brains from all kinds of ...
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Virtual reality could transform the way we treat anxiety disorders, chronic pain and Alzheimer’s

Experts used to worry that virtual reality (VR) would damage our brains. These days, however, VR seems more likely to ...
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Can virtual reality treat depression symptoms through ‘pleasant scenarios’?

Michelle Craske is asking patients to dive into coral reefs, ride on bullet trains rushing past pine trees, and cheer ...
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Using virtual reality to treat social anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorders

Researchers have been developing virtual reality systems that help people overcome specific phobias since the 1990s. VR therapy has since ...

‘In someone else’s shoes’: How virtual reality is altering autism research, treatment

For more than two decades, scientists have experimented with [virtual reality] to set up controlled scenarios to study autistic traits. At the ...
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