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‘Thinness gene’ could offer genetically engineered weight control strategy

While others may be dieting and hitting the gym hard to stay in shape, some people stay slim effortlessly no ...
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Obesity gene? Suppressing this variant could be key to weight loss

More than five years ago, a group of researchers from Norway and several other countries found an important clue in ...
1-30-2019 skinny

Are thin people just lucky to have ‘skinny’ genes?

Scientists say they have discovered the secret behind why some people are skinny while others pile on the pounds easily ...

Why some types of obesity are worse than others

Where you put on weight is as important as how much you put on ...
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The obesity paradox: Why being fit may be more important than losing weight

Instead of focusing purely on weight, a better approach is one that also considers a person's physical fitness when assessing ...
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Understanding the Obesity Paradox: Why being overweight may be less concerning than being unfit

Instead of focussing purely on weight, an approach that also considers physical fitness provides the greatest potential to promote health ...
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