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Why sex matters in medicine

The last time I saw Maria-Rosa, she was on a stretcher, surrounded by frantic nurses and interns who were trying, ...
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Why did menopause evolve?

To explain menopause, any hypothesis needs a plausible evolutionary scenario. It is reasonable to assume that the chimp/human common ancestor ...
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Estrogen slows down adult bone growth, leading to generally taller men and shorter women

Human sexual size dimorphism, the difference in height between males and females, is often touted as a classic example of ...
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‘Overly simplistic’: Women may have been more than just ‘gatherers’ in ancient times, studies suggest

Sexual divisions of labor characterized ancient societies, but were not as rigidly enforced as has often been assumed, [two] new ...

‘Unlearning fear’: Why women are twice as likely to experience PTSD

[W]omen — both civilians and women from the military — are more than twice as likely as men to suffer ...
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Do men and women feel pain differently? The answer could lead to better treatments for chronic pain

According to the CDC, one fifth of American adults live with chronic pain, and women are affected more than men ...

Viewpoint: Autism research is leaving girls behind

Evidence that clinicians are missing girls with autism has been building for years. Because autistic girls tend to exhibit different traits than ...
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Podcast: ‘Just the wife’—how sexism in science obscured achievements of four groundbreaking researchers

Dr Kat Arney tells the stories of four women from the history of 20th century genetics, and explores how sexism ...
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Gender bias: Are we overlooking autism in women and girls?

Hundreds of thousands of girls and women with autism are going undiagnosed due to it being viewed as a “male ...
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Talking Biotech: Why Irish scientist Rosalind Franklin didn’t get the credit she deserved for the discovery of the structure of DNA

Geneticist Mark Lawler: Despite being instrumental in the discovery of DNA’s double-helical structure, Rosalind Franklin died at the age of ...
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The ‘Big O’: How and why evolution brought us the female orgasm

Female orgasms aren’t necessary for reproduction. A comparative evolution study suggests they once might have been ...
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