Forecasting: 2020 could bring major advances in gene therapies and pig-to-human organ transplants

Here are two stories in biotech we’re keeping our eyes on. Although successes likely won’t come to fruition this year ...
pig monkey chimera

First chimeric part-monkey piglets born in China

Scientists in China created piglets whose organs contained some monkey cells. The piglets all died within a week, illustrating the challenges ...
are dna testing kits safe to use

‘Regulatory Wild West? DNA startups claim they can assess sexual preferences, depression risk, longevity and drinking proclivity

Genomelink is just one of a growing number of shady DNA testing startups now operating in the regulatory Wild West ...
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Xeno-Skin: Genetically engineered pigs may be source of transplantable skin for humans

In a pathogen-free facility in Grafton, Massachusetts, a small town about 40 miles west of Boston, genetically engineered miniature pigs ...

These gene-edited pigs could eliminate shortage of human organ transplants

It’s what’s inside this animal that matters. Her body has been made a little less pig-like, with four genetic modifications ...

CRISPR may help pave the way to cross-species organ transplants

Modern transplant technology is already pretty miraculous. Doctors can transfer anything from faces to hands to genitals between patients, keep ...
Screen Shot at PM

Chimeric organ transplants: Science and ethics of growing human organs in pigs

Scientists may soon offer a solution to the organ shortage by growing human organs in pigs. But that poses prickly ...
Japanese Scientists Perfect Technique To Grow Human Organs In Animals

Pig in us: Xenotransplantation and new age of chimeric organs

Xenotransplantation may move beyond just valves to entire scaffolds of pig organs, refurbished with human cells that make the organ ...
trans genics mouse ear googlei search

Chimera alert? Myths and facts of human-non-human animal hybrids in medicine

Science is making leaps and bounds creating part human and part non-human animal tissues and organs. The applications are medical, ...

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