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Podcast: ‘How to argue with a racist’—geneticist Adam Rutherford challenges what he calls ‘pseudoscience’ in genetics and politics

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Adam Rutherford explains how to argue with a racist, hunting for the ghosts in the human genome, and recreating the ...
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Is ‘warrior gene’ responsible for violent behavior?

New Statesman | 
At the root of their defence was monoamine oxidase A, known as MAOA. The gene MAOA encodes an enzyme whose ...

Pseudoscience appropriates ‘epigenetics’ with promise of life-changing cures

Guardian | 
Lots of real scientific terms – such as “neuro” or “nano” – get borrowed for a spot of buzzword scienceyness. Epigenetics is ...

How every living European is related to Charlemagne, and why this is entirely unremarkable

Guardian | 
Sometimes I get asked if I’m related to the great physicist Ernest Rutherford. His discoveries about the atomic nucleus gave ...
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Are genetic ancestry companies taking you for a ride?

Guardian | 
I can reveal that I am a direct descendent of someone of similar greatness: Charlemagne, Carolingian King of the Franks, ...

Genetics’ shaky history with racism contrary to what science says

Guardian | 
As someone who writes about evolution and genetics – both of which involve the study of inheritance, and both of ...
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Harvard’s George Church: ‘Gene leakage research will blunt anti-GMO activist scares’

Guardian | 
Since the 1970s we've been ushering in the next era of breeding by physically lifting individual genes from one species ...

Redheads not on verge of extinction

Guardian | 
Redheads, rest easy: your chances of climate change-induced extinction are identical to those of people with less exhilarating hair colour ...

DNA double helix: discovery that led to 60 years of biological revolution

Guardian | 
The following is an excerpt. The myth is that science proceeds in fits and starts, with eureka moments delivering revelation ...

Gene patents are a hindrance to innovation

Guardian | 
The following is an excerpt. You carry a set of instructions in every cell, encrypted in DNA. Your genome, 3 billion ...
In defense of synthetic biology: Can it help create a better future for all?

In defense of synthetic biology: Can it help create a better future for all?

Guardian | 
Synthetic biology means different things to different people. Its leading scientists want to create, characterise and, crucially, standardise individual pieces ...