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Bayer faces $500 million Monsanto glyphosate-cancer class action suit in Canada

Toronto-based law firm Diamond & Diamond is spearheading a $500 million class action lawsuit against various Roundup makers, including pharmaceutical ...
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Canadian contractor alleges glyphosate caused his cancer in new suit against Bayer

Liam Britten | 
[Cliff] Sissons, a 57-year-old man from Cranbrook, B.C., is trying to stay positive after a battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He ...

Montreal plans to ban glyphosate herbicide despite safety assurances from scientists and pesticide regulators

Montreal plans to ban the use of glyphosate — a commonly used herbicide marketed primarily under the trade name Roundup ...
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Plant-based Beyond Burger healthier than beef? Nutrition experts weigh in on popular meat alternative

Sophia Harris | 
Canadians can't get enough of Beyond Meat's plant-based burger that's designed to taste just like beef .... But does Beyond's ...
Honey Bee

Entomologists say urban hobby beekeepers are serious threat to wild bees

There is a downside to the urban beehive boom in Montreal. Entomologists say honey bee hives are a growing threat ...

Canada green lights commercial production of AquAdvantage GMO salmon at Prince Edward Island facility

Kevin Yarr | 
Environment Canada has approved the commercial production of genetically-modified salmon produced in a facility in eastern [Prince Edward Island], says ...
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Canada launches new safety review of AquAdvantage GMO salmon

Laura Chapin | 
CBC News has learned AquaBounty’s genetically modified salmon is going through a new federal risk assessment. Environment and Climate Change ...
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Korea suspends Canadian wheat and flour sales following discovery of GMO plants in Alberta

South Korea has joined Japan in suspending trade in Canadian wheat following the discovery of a small number of genetically ...
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Canadian beekeepers sue Bayer and Syngenta, blame neonicotinoid manufacturers for bee deaths

Claire Loewen | 
A Quebec class-action lawsuit against two producers of neonicotinoids — commonly used insecticides that have been linked to a declining population of honeybees — ...
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Farmers in Quebec, Canada will now have to get permission to use neonicotinoid insecticides on crops

Quebec is introducing new restrictions on pesticides considered harmful to honeybees. Under the changes, farmers will have to get permission from a certified ...

Canada proposes new limits—but no ban—on neonicotinoid insecticides to protect bees

Kathleen Harris, Susan Lunn | 
The [Canadian] federal government has proposed tighter restrictions around two insecticides that are harmful to bees, but stopped short of ...

Astroplastic: Making tools from human feces could aid space travel

David Bell | 
A University of Calgary team has flushed the competition with a project that sets out to convert astronaut poop into ...
Farmers Market

Buying local, organic food won’t shrink your carbon footprint—but here’s what can

Emily Chung | 
If you're paying more for local and organic groceries because you care about the environment, here's some bad news: science ...

Canadian glyphosate opponents take aim at usage by local governments

Shane Fowler | 
In the last two weeks, the [Canadian] municipalities of Upper Miramichi, Moncton, and Petitcodiac have all started to question the ...

At epicenter of GMO salmon debate, Prince Edward Island divided about need for labelling

Earlier this month, a public consultation session on food affordability, accessibility, safety and conservation in Charlottetown heard perspectives on GMO ...
chef michael

Canadian celebrity chef Michael Smith: Debate over GMOs ‘disingenuous first world problems’

Nicole Williams | 
Celebrity chef Michael Smith came out in support of genetically-modified food at a consultation about Canada's Food Policy. ... "This ...
fruit flies

Fruit fly social behavior could offer insights into how humans interact

Hala Ghonaim | 
Instead of shooing them away, one Western University researcher is getting up close and personal with fruit flies to determine why ...
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Activists claim ‘faulty’ environmental assessment led to approval of Canadian GMO salmon facility

Kevin Yarr | 
It was a faulty environmental assessment process that allowed a company in eastern [Prince Edward Island (P.E.I), Canada] to build ...
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Protectionism? Italian farmers ‘demonize’ Canadian products made from wheat grown using glyphosate

Megan Williams | 
They came from up and down Italy, setting up their protest headquarters just a few dozen cobblestone steps from the ...

Prince Edward Island approves expansion of first North American GE salmon facility

Brian Higgins | 
A [Prince Edward Island] hatchery that will produce genetically modified salmon has received the go-ahead for two 40,000 square-foot buildings to expand ...
potato master

GM non-bruising potatoes won’t be grown commercially in Canada this year

Gail Harding | 
There will be no commercially grown GMO potatoes on Prince Edward Island [in 2017], according to Simplot Plant Sciences, the ...
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US Right to Know calls Canadian researcher and university Monsanto ‘sock puppets’ — But finds no financial ties

Jason Warick | 
The University of Saskatchewan and one of its well-known professors are acting like "sock puppets" for agri-business giant Monsanto, says ...

GM salmon farm won’t require new federal assessment, Canadian government says

Kevin Yarr | 
A plant in eastern [Prince Edwards Island] that plans to produce genetically modified salmon will not require a new federal ...

Canada’s health regulator reaffirms glyphosate herbicide neither genotoxic nor carcinogenic

Health Canada says the potential risk to human health and the environment from pesticides containing glyphosate are acceptable, if used ...
atlantic salmon

In reversal, AquaBounty adds GMO salmon fishery to proposed facility, angering locals in Canada

Steve Bruce | 
The company that proposed to set up a conventional salmon broodstock facility in Rollo Bay West, has changed its proposal ...
wheat spraying

Canada’s food regulator finds herbicide glyphosate on 30 percent of samples — But only 1.3 percent above ‘acceptable’ limit

Canada's food regulator has found traces of the controversial herbicide glyphosate in nearly 30 percent of about 3,200 food products ...
Screen Shot at AM

Afraid of burnt toast? Food expert says it’s dangerous to fear modern food

Amina Zafar | 
Many foods contain acrylamide, so the chemical can't be avoided, [Joe] Schwarcz [of the Office for Science and Society at McGill University in Montreal] said ...
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Environmentalists pressure Canadian schools to drop food waste webinar because it mentions non-browning GE apple

Terrence McEachern | 
[Editor's note: Read the GLP's profile on the genetically engineered non-browning Arctic Apple and the potential for genetic engineering to ...