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How the news of China’s gene-edited babies blew up

Quartz | 
He Jiankui didn’t wake up on Sunday [November 25]  expecting his world to change. … He knew international attention was ...

Tracking Zika: New genetic tool maps how viruses spread around the world

Quartz | 
We remain utterly unprepared to deal with epidemics at a global scale...The good news is that new inventions are continually ...
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Viruses ‘talk’ with each other to plan attacks on cells

Quartz | 
[Israeli scientists have accidentally] discovered for the first time an instance of viruses leaving messages for other viruses. ... Viruses ...
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Why China won’t agree to moratorium on human embryonic gene modification?

Scroll | 
In March, a group of US scientists requested scientists around the world to not genetically modify human embryos. They argue that the ...

Lifestyle affects personal microbiome

Popular Science | 
Trillions of microbes live in and on our body. We don’t yet fully understand how these microbial ecosystems develop or ...

Engineered extremophile brews bulk chemical

Royal Society of Chemistry | 
The following is an excerpt. US researchers have engineered a heat-loving microbe to produce a bulk chemical from carbon dioxide and ...