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The Green Revolution

Electricity from genetically engineered trees: It’s not as crazy as it sounds—but is it ethical?

Anne Quito | Quartz | 
What if trees could provide electricity to cities? .... This surrealist idyll isn’t too far-fetched, say a team of researchers ...
unnamed file

Gene therapy for Alzheimer’s? Biotech startup suggests new approach, using dementia ‘off switch’

Katherine Foley | Quartz | 
What if there were a single mechanism in the brain that, when faulty, leads to all kinds of dementias? And ...
Clean Poultry

Lab-grown burgers? Cell-based steaks? Alternative meat industry scrambles to find consumer-friendly product names

Chase Purdy | Quartz | 
The debate over what to call cell-cultured meat remains unresolved—and it could soon develop into a headache for the global ...
dna tests kits

Viewpoint: Consumer genetic tests and scant privacy protections give us reason to be ‘terrified’

Miguel Burger-Calderon | Quartz | 
[Y]ou don’t have to be Orwell to understand that the decision to allow a profit-driven company to analyze a person’s ...
unnamed file

‘Super rare’ mutation protected Colombian woman from Alzheimer’s disease

Katherine Foley | Quartz | 
Most of the time when we think about genetic mutations, we think about the ones that spell disaster. But sometimes, ...
4-30-2019 andme genetic testing kit

Viewpoint: Read the fine print to understand the weakness of consumer genetics tests

Katherine Foley | Quartz | 
Direct-to-consumer genetic tests like Ancestry and 23andMe were mostly the result of innocent curiosity. Geneticists at the turn of the ...
crispr lead

‘Countries have been invaded for far less’: Why the genetic arms race could start a war

Jamie Metzl | Quartz | 
Imagine you are the leader of a society that has chosen to opt out of the genetic arms race by ...
lab burger bbc copy

First lab-grown burger may cost $50 at anticipated 2020 restaurant debut

Chase Purdy | Quartz | 
On April 15, Bruce Friedrich ascended a stage in Vancouver, Canada to give a TED Talk to a packed room ...
green giant vegan skillet

Viewpoint: Marketing restrictions on lab-grown meat, cauliflower rice reveal growing ‘tension’ between food producers and consumers

Chase Purdy | Quartz | 
The [Arkansas] state legislature on March 20 passed a measure banning food companies from marketing “cauliflower rice” as “rice.” The ...

How the news of China’s gene-edited babies blew up

Akshat Rathi | Quartz | 
He Jiankui didn’t wake up on Sunday [November 25]  expecting his world to change. … He knew international attention was ...

This AI-generated cheeseburger will make your mouth water

Dave Gershgorn | Quartz | 
The techniques that empower computers to make autonomous decisions have become vogue for modern tech companies in the last six years ...

Fibromyalgia is a disease that eludes diagnosis: Can artificial intelligence change that?

Olivia Goldhill | Quartz | 
There’s no tissue damage that explains the pain fibromyalgia patients experience all over their body, and contemporary medicine struggles to ...
cas no food grade silica sio

Less harmful sugar? More efficient sweet silica could ‘shake up’ the food industry

Chase Purdy | Quartz | 
The surprising truth about cake is that it’s astonishingly inefficient. So are lollipops, pies, sticks of gum, and cookies, each ...

Building a better brain model by harnessing the power of AI

Dave Gershgorn | Quartz | 
Neuroscientists have a lot of data on the brain—we can see it, take pictures of it, study it. But for ...
screen shot at pm

‘Soulless, metallic robot dogs’ are headed our way

Mike Murphy | Quartz | 
Earlier this year, [Boston Dynamics founder Marc] Raibert said the company planned to start selling its SpotMini robot dogs in 2019, and ...
bulbul x

What can we learn about ourselves from studying the way animals communicate?

Ephrat Livni | Quartz | 
If you listen closely to the sound of birds chirping, you’ll hear that they’re taking turns. The same goes for ...
Monsanto Bayer e

Anti-GMO group: ‘Bayer is now the new Monsanto’

Zoë Schlanger | Quartz | 
Bayer’s decision to drop the name means Monsanto products like Roundup will still be Roundup, but now they will be ...

Feelings of empathy shaped in part by our genetics

Olivia Goldhill | Quartz | 
Parents are used to getting the blame for their children’s emotional defects. When it comes to empathy, it turns out ...
Screen Shot at AM

Vote to approve glyphosate herbicide shakes up German, EU politics

Jill Petzinger | Quartz | 
European Union countries found themselves at odds on Monday [Nov. 27] over weed killer. After a long deadlock over renewing the ...

Natural insecticide created with spider venom and genetically modified yeast

Katherine Foley | Quartz | 
Scientists have noticed the powerful punch some spider venoms pack, and have started looking to them for inspiration for all kinds ...
Screen Shot at AM e

Video: Why organic and non-GMO labels don’t matter when it comes to eating healthy

Michael Tabb | Quartz | 
[N]on-GMO labels do more than placate people concerned about scientists secretly tinkering with their food. They might persuade people to make ...
Smiley sleeper e

What’s so important about sleep?

Katherine Foley | Quartz | 
It’s common to try to cram more waking hours into each day. About half of people worldwide get less than ...
salmon gmo

Aquabounty and food activists clash over need for labels for GMO salmon

Chase Purdy | Quartz | 
Four-and-a-half tons of genetically modified salmon have been released into the Canadian food market, and consumers have no way of ...
cover landscape

Eugenics redux? Exploring the genetics of ‘success’ and social mobility

Aamna Modin | Quartz | 
[O]ver a century after the beginning of the eugenics movement, scientists are carefully dipping back into the controversial research that ...

Kenya could become first country to approve GMO bridal bouquet ‘baby’s breath’ flowers

Sarah Wild | Quartz | 
Baby’s breath, a staple of bridal bouquets, could become Kenya’s first commercially grown genetically modified (GM) flower. By introducing genes ...
Screen Shot at PM

Organic crop farming in US slides even as demand for organic food increases

Chase Purdy | Quartz | 
The time is ripe for Jeff Bezos to work his business acumen on an area of the US food system ...
organic t shirts

Unsustainable farming: Why your organic T-shirt might be bad for the environment

Marc Bain | Quartz | 
The word “organic” is a powerful marketing tool. In clothing—just as in food—brands love to tout their use of organic ...
Screen Shot at PM

Intelligence definitively linked to genetics: Does this open doors to racism?

Olivia Goldhill | Quartz | 
Your intelligence is partly due to hard work, nutrition, and education. But you can also thank (or blame) your genes ...
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