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Gene therapy for Alzheimer’s? Biotech startup suggests new approach, using dementia ‘off switch’

Quartz | 
What if there were a single mechanism in the brain that, when faulty, leads to all kinds of dementias? And ...
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‘Super rare’ mutation protected Colombian woman from Alzheimer’s disease

Quartz | 
Most of the time when we think about genetic mutations, we think about the ones that spell disaster. But sometimes, ...
4-30-2019 andme genetic testing kit

Viewpoint: Read the fine print to understand the weakness of consumer genetics tests

Quartz | 
Direct-to-consumer genetic tests like Ancestry and 23andMe were mostly the result of innocent curiosity. Geneticists at the turn of the ...

Natural insecticide created with spider venom and genetically modified yeast

Quartz | 
Scientists have noticed the powerful punch some spider venoms pack, and have started looking to them for inspiration for all kinds ...
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What’s so important about sleep?

Quartz | 
It’s common to try to cram more waking hours into each day. About half of people worldwide get less than ...

Brain disorder impedes navigation by preventing internal ‘map’

Atlantic | 
Even though she hates lawn ornaments, Sharon Roseman, 68, has a grinning, pink lobster outside her home in Highlands Ranch, ...