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Challenging Vandana Shiva’s GMO fear-mongering

Girish Shahane | 
Vandana Shiva’s latest effusion against Monsanto in particular and genetically modified organisms in general appeared in this publication on Monday, and I ...

Activists accuse Indian regulators of lack of transparency on GMO mustard

Kavitha Kuruganti | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. A top government body ...

Has egg donation business become akin to marriage matchmaking?

Ipsita Chakravarty | 
The advertisement was seeking a woman with a “high intelligence quotient, fair or wheatish complexion, between 22-26 yrs. Preferably B ...
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Why China won’t agree to moratorium on human embryonic gene modification?

Akshat Rathi | 
In March, a group of US scientists requested scientists around the world to not genetically modify human embryos. They argue that the ...

Vandana Shiva responsible for ‘irrational’ fears of GMOs, dismisses science that doesn’t suit ideology

Girish Shahane | 
The person most responsible for cementing the GMO-suicide link in European minds is the environmentalist Vandana Shiva. She is given ...