Challenging Vandana Shiva’s GMO fear-mongering

Vandana Shiva’s latest effusion against Monsanto in particular and genetically modified organisms in general appeared in this publication on Monday, and I feel obliged to respond.

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Vandana Shiva’s view of Golden Rice?

“Vitamin A rice is a hoax, . . . where public relations exercises seem to have replaced science in promotion of . . . unnecessary technology. The problem is that vitamin A rice will not remove vitamin A deficiency (VAD). It will seriously aggravate it.”

Shiva blames the Green Revolution for introducing Vitamin A deficiency to India, and says a diet rich in coriander, amaranth, carrot, jackfruit and mango can supply more than enough Vitamin A. That’s the Indian equivalent of “Let them eat cake”, because had India’s poor been able to afford amaranth, carrot, jackfruit and mango, we’d have no malnutrition crisis in the first place.


A time will come when GMOs fulfil their potential. . . . It’s a pity that the entire Green movement has been on the wrong side of history during this process, having chosen fear-mongering and denialism over serious engagement and balanced criticism.

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The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Read full, original post: Counterview: In GMO debate, Vandana Shiva has chosen fear-mongering and denialism

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