Articles written for the GLP list the source as Genetic Literacy Project. All other articles were written for the sources noted with excerpts provided by the GLP.
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Capturing a glimpse of how CRISPR could help agriculture by removing allergens and boosting nutritional quality

Harvest Public Media | 
In a lab at George Washington University, painted lady butterflies flutter in mesh houses. This is where assistant professor Arnault ...

Is there need for clear US policy on importing GMOs?

Iowa Public Radio | 
The processes by which different countries regulate genetically modified crops vary, which can lead to billions of dollars in disrupted ...
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Many GMO foods do not contain genetically modified DNA

NPR | 
While reporting my story on how foods earn a label certifying them as "non-GMO," I came across a comment that ...

How foods are labeled Non-GMO

NPR | 
Demand for products that don't contain genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, is exploding. "We currently are at over $8.5 billion ...

Behind the Label: ‘Non-GMO verified’

Iowa Public Radio | 
Many food companies are seeking certification that their products don’t have any genetically modified ingredients, and not just the brands ...

Aversion to GMOs in wealthy nations influences views in poor nations

Gazette | 
(Summary) The debate over genetically modified organisms in America and Europe affects the views of biotechnology in Africa. Robert Paalberg, ...
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Midwest farmers praise drought-resistant corn for good yields

Kansas City Star | 
With the corn harvest underway in the Midwest, farmers are evaluating the performance of new drought-resistant corn varieties after the ...