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Deep learning: When artificial and human intelligence come together

Verge | 
[Computational neuroscientist Terrence] Sejnowski, a pioneer in the study of learning algorithms, is the author of The Deep Learning Revolution (out next ...
gene therapy womb

Are we close to gene therapy in the womb?

Verge | 
[Recently] scientists reported that they were able to treat a serious genetic disorder in the womb — in mice. It sounds like ...
future food

Lab-grown meat debate stirs ethical questions about the future of food and synthetic biology

Verge | 
More than a century ago, dairy farmers sounded the alarm on margarine, insisting that it wasn’t really butter, and it therefore ...
cyber hacker

Why would hackers want your DNA?

Verge | 
DNA testing service MyHeritage [recently] revealed that hackers had breached 92 million of its accounts. Though the hackers only accessed encrypted ...
blog think small

Viewpoint: Doctors need better training if DNA sequencing becomes standard care

Verge | 
[Recently] the CEO of Pennsylvania health care provider Geisinger announced that its doctors will now offer patients DNA sequencing “as part of ...

Tearing down the ‘myth’ of dopamine as the ‘pleasure chemical’

Verge | 
Dopamine is one of the most hyped brain chemicals, supposedly linked to everything from sex to gambling. It’s common to read, as Business Insider claimed ...
d f f e a a bf e f f b

Being forgetful can actually help your brain make better decisions

Verge | 
Most of us think “perfect” memory means never forgetting, but maybe forgetting actually helps us navigate a world that is ...
Screen Shot at PM

Questions abound on synthetic biology: Is it creating ‘new life’ or just part of biotechnology’s toolkit?

Verge | 
[Editor's note: Sophia Roosth, a historian of science at Harvard University, talks about her new book on synthetic biology: Synthetic: How ...
Chinese people

Modern East Asians, unlike Europeans, very genetically similar to their ancestors

Verge | 
For the first time, scientists have been able to extract DNA from ancient East Asian bones and compare it to ...
ui health validates cure for sickle cell in adults healthinnovations

Cure for sickle cell anemia within reach thanks to gene editing

Verge | 
A new treatment for the blood disease sickle cell anemia is possible now that scientists have figured out how to ...
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