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Natural Cycles wearable birth control monitor on track for FDA approval

Natural Cycles wearable birth control monitor on track for FDA approval

Nicole Wetsman | 
The Natural Cycles app uses daily temperature measurements and period cycle tracking to predict the days someone is least likely ...
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Video: Can drugs be made for viruses that do not exist yet?

William Poor | 
[N]ovel coronaviruses seem to be making successful jumps to humans very roughly once per decade — and there’s no reason to think they’ll ...
hiv cure research review

With a COVID-19 vaccine only a distant possibility, a HIV containment-like strategy could be best option

Nicole Wetsman | 
Though many people are pinning their hopes on a COVID-19 vaccine, another option is available: preventive treatment. At a Senate ...
screenshot organizations take precautions in the midst of coronavirus pandemic

Viewpoint: Here’s what a win against the coronavirus looks like. It’s not pretty

Mary Beth Griggs | 
If you’ve been marking the pandemic by the pileup of cautious reopenings and rescheduled events, you might think that an ...
pest library bats

Searching for ‘animal zero’ and the origins of the coronavirus outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic that’s currently ravaging the world started with a simple virus in an animal. Viruses like this, which ...
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Pandemic path: Tracking the spread of the coronavirus through its genetic mutations

Nicole Wetsman | 
As the coronavirus spreads around the globe, it has mutated in tiny, subtle ways. Those mutations aren’t cause for concern, ...
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Inoculating yourself against coronavirus conspiracy theories

John Cook, Justine Calma | 
To understand why there’s so much misinformation out there — for example, that the virus was purposely created in a ...
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How long are you infectious? COVID-19 patients struggle to find an answer

Nicole Wetsman | 
Reyhan Harmanci is feeling better. After cycling through an illness she thinks was COVID-19, with headache, fever, and nausea, her ...
alex jones sf

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones ordered to stop hawking bogus coronavirus cures

Jon Porter | 
New York attorney general Letitia James has ordered radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to stop claiming that InfoWars’ ...
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Video: Why labs are printing synthetic copies of the coronavirus genome

Nicole Wetsman | 
Advancements in genetic technology are making it easier, faster, and less expensive for public health experts to understand how the ...

Why consumers are losing interest in genetic testing

Nicole Wetsman | 
At-home DNA testing companies 23andMe and Ancestry each laid off about 100 employees over the past month, cutting around 14 and 6 percent of ...
mammogram breast cancer x ray exlarge

There’s a potential threat from cancer-spotting AI: overdiagnosis

James Vincent | 
These days, it might seem like algorithms are out-diagnosing doctors at every turn, identifying dangerous lesions and dodgy moles with ...
impossible burger vs beyond burger

Plant-based meat competition heats up as GMO Impossible Burger makes grocery store debut

Jon Porter | 
The Impossible Burger, a meat-free burger that’s previously only been available in restaurants, will be available to buy in grocery ...
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Video: Even if you’ve never taken a DNA test ‘your genetic privacy might already be compromised’

Rachel Becker, William Poor | 
The rise of direct-to-consumer DNA tests comes with a host of thorny problems, including how to interpret the data and major questions about genetic privacy ...
stress middle age

Why it’s probably not the stress that’s shrinking your brain

Rachel Becker | 
A new study shows that people with higher levels of the “stress hormone” tend to have smaller brains — but ...

Deep learning: When artificial and human intelligence come together

Angela Chen, Terrence Sejnkowski | 
[Computational neuroscientist Terrence] Sejnowski, a pioneer in the study of learning algorithms, is the author of The Deep Learning Revolution (out next ...
gene therapy womb

Are we close to gene therapy in the womb?

Angela Chen, Arthur Caplan | 
[Recently] scientists reported that they were able to treat a serious genetic disorder in the womb — in mice. It sounds like ...
future food

Lab-grown meat debate stirs ethical questions about the future of food and synthetic biology

Angela Chen | 
More than a century ago, dairy farmers sounded the alarm on margarine, insisting that it wasn’t really butter, and it therefore ...

Delving into the real danger of artificial intelligence

Casey Newton, Maran Nelson | 
CEOs of artificial intelligence companies usually seek to minimize the threats posed by AI, rather than play them up. But ...
cyber hacker

Why would hackers want your DNA?

Angela Chen | 
DNA testing service MyHeritage [recently] revealed that hackers had breached 92 million of its accounts. Though the hackers only accessed encrypted ...
blog think small

Viewpoint: Doctors need better training if DNA sequencing becomes standard care

Angela Chen | 
[Recently] the CEO of Pennsylvania health care provider Geisinger announced that its doctors will now offer patients DNA sequencing “as part of ...

Can CRISPR tell what ails you? ‘Affordable’ at-home kits may be on the way

Alessandra Potenza | 
A new biotech company co-founded by CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna is developing a device that uses CRISPR to detect all kinds of ...

Tearing down the ‘myth’ of dopamine as the ‘pleasure chemical’

Angela Chen | 
Dopamine is one of the most hyped brain chemicals, supposedly linked to everything from sex to gambling. It’s common to read, as Business Insider claimed ...
muscular dystrophy

CRISPR shows promise in treating Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Alessandra Potenza | 
Scientists have successfully tweaked the DNA in human heart cells to correct mutations that cause a deadly disease. If the ...

450-year-old mummy found with oldest evidence of hepatitis B infection

Rachel Becker | 
Once, this boy mummy was thought to have died of smallpox, but a new analysis of his now 450-year-old DNA ...
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Women’s reproductive organs abound with microorganisms—studying them helping in disease research

Alessandra Potenza | 
Women's reproductive organs are home to plenty of microorganisms, and identifying them may help us improve women's health. Scientists have ...
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Being forgetful can actually help your brain make better decisions

Angela Chen | 
Most of us think “perfect” memory means never forgetting, but maybe forgetting actually helps us navigate a world that is ...

Fetal lambs grown in artificial womb — are humans next?

Rachel Becker | 
[A] new study [has taken] the first step toward an artificial womb [by developing eight fetal lambs in what looks ...
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