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Infographic: From head to toe, coronavirus affects the body in unpredictable ways

Washington Post | 
Today, there is widespread recognition the novel coronavirus is far more unpredictable than a simple respiratory virus. Often it attacks ...
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Can someone be held responsible when donor sperm leads to a genetic disorder?

Washington Post | 
After Danielle Rizzo’s first son and then her second were diagnosed with autism, she has struggled with the how and ...
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‘An insurance policy for the future’: Why some healthy young men are freezing their sperm

Washington Post | 
Gilbert Sanchez froze his sperm in January [2019], shortly before his 25th birthday. He was healthy and at low-risk for ...

Frozen embryos: Who owns them and do they have legal rights?

Washington Post | 
With the number of frozen embryos in the United States soaring into the millions, disputes over who owns them are ...

Meet the doctor leading research on ethically fraught ‘three-parent’ babies

Washington Post | 
When future historians look back on the 21st century, one of the most iconic photos may be of a smiling, ...
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Do cell phones cause cancer? Long-awaited study offers mixed results, no definitive answer

Washington Post | 
The long-awaited results of a $25 million National Institutes of Health study on the effects of cellphone radio-frequency radiation exposure on animals is ...

In vitro fertilization planning: How many eggs do you need to freeze?

Washington Post | 
[W]hen you freeze a batch of eggs, that's no guarantee any or all of them will make it through the ...

Lay off the ibuprofen? Painkiller may lower male testosterone

Washington Post | 
In recent decades, prompted by concerns that men's sperm quality is declining, researchers have looked at things they suspect of ...
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‘Three-parent’ children? FDA admonishes fertility company, blocks procedure

Washington Post | 
On [August 4], regulators issued a sternly worded letter to fertility doctor John Zhang, who helped a mother with a genetic disorder give ...

Dentists may start using stem cells to fix teeth

Washington Post | 
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