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Lundgren whistleblower complaint claims USDA silencing scientists discussing controversial issues

Atlantic | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Late last year, Jonathan ...

Will next generation of herbicide-resistant crops cause more problems?

Wired | 
The latest in a new generation of genetically engineered crops is poised to enter widespread use—and critics think they'll cause ...

Evolution sometimes happens without conveying advantage

Nautilus | 
Generally speaking, we tend to think of evolution in purposeful terms: There must be a reason for difference, an explanation ...

Humans are ‘evolvable’ now more than ever

Wired | 
In the most massive study of genetic variation yet, researchers estimated the age of more than one million variants, or ...
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Genetics at center of several “battlegrounds” in next 4 years

Wired | 
In the wake of Obama's victory, Wired takes a look at the battles to come in the next four years ...

New DNA encyclopedia attempts to map function of entire human genome

Wired | 
Hundreds of thousands of new genomic pieces, catalogued for the very first time, are contained in the data, which is ...

GM crops + herbicides = Super-Superweeds?

Wired | 
Herbicide-resistant superweeds threaten to overgrow U.S. fields, so agriculture companies have genetically engineered a new generation of plants to withstand ...