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Federal government systematically shortchanging Black communities in distributing COVID aid

[A] study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that… funding inequities resulted from a formula that allocated large chunks of a ...
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Meet STACI: STAT’s fascinating interactive guide to AI in healthcare

The Covid-19 pandemic underscores the importance of the technology in medicine: In the last few months, hospitals have used AI ...
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Using artificial intelligence to identify promising coronavirus treatments

Treating patients with the never-before-seen Covid-19 is forcing doctors to choose between two equally unpalatable options: try an unproven therapy ...
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AI and digital health devices: FDA’s new guidelines seek to ‘strike a delicate balance’ between safety and innovation

The Food and Drug Administration has issued new guidelines on how it will regulate mobile health software and products that ...
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Here’s how artificial intelligence could ‘poison’ healthcare

Artificial intelligence is often hailed as a great catalyst of medical innovation, a way to find cures to diseases that ...
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Google’s AI beats human doctors at diagnosing lung cancer in study

One of lung cancer’s most lethal attributes is its ability to trick radiologists. Some nodules appear threatening but turn out ...

Immunotherapy dilemma: When should untested therapies be prescribed for cancer patients?

Immunotherapy is a source of great hope in cancer care. It has rescued some patients from the brink, while giving others a ...
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Unnecessary genetic tests wastes $500 million annually

We hear a lot about the wonders of genetic testing, how it can revolutionize medicine and find cures for fatal ...