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Disease-resistant GMO chestnut trees could birth ‘new agroforestry industry’

Wall Street Journal | 
Many Americans know the sad tale of how the American chestnut tree was driven almost to extinction in the 20th ...

How does the science of Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’ stand up more than 50 years later?

Wall Street Journal | 
Carson’s detractors accuse her of misrepresenting the science. Wrong: Carson wrote that pesticides and herbicides disorder ecosystems because they kill ...

The Wizard and the Prophet: Norman Borlaug vs William Vogt on science, environmentalism and human progress

Pacific Standard | 
Feeding the ever-growing number of people on the planet is hard enough, without having to adapt to a rapidly changing climate at ...

Using genetic solutions to make stronger bee

National Geographic | 
In 2007 reports of “colony collapse disorder”—swift, terrible deaths of entire colonies—suddenly mushroomed across Europe and the Americas. News reports ...