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‘We must have a plan’: Why we need an exit strategy for the coronavirus shutdown

Ari Schulman | 
How long is this going to last? As terrible as a pandemic would be, is averting it really worth a ...
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Would ‘designer babies’ herald a new era of eugenics?

Brendan Foht | 
September [2018] saw the announcement from scientists of the first manufacture of human egg cells in the lab. … Despite the apparent ...

Looking back on how science has progressed in sexuality and gender

Lawrence Mayer, Paul McHugh | 
For complex, complicated questions concerning the nature of human sexuality, there exists at best provisional scientific consensus; much remains unknown, ...

Understanding how to define and view gender identity

Lawrence Mayer, Paul McHugh | 
Another emerging and related view is that gender also fixed at birth or at a very early age and ...

How sexuality connects to mental health

Lawrence Mayer, Paul McHugh | 
[T]here is general agreement on the observation at the heart of Part Two: lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) subpopulations ...
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What role can science play in sexual orientation choice vs innate debate?

Lawrence Mayer, Paul McHugh | 
While some claim that sexual orientation is a choice, others say that sexual orientation is a fixed feature of one’s ...

Free market view of California Prop 37

Johnathan Adler | 
When Californians go to the polls this November, one of the ballot initiatives they will vote on will be the ...
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