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covid outbreak south korea becomes biggest coronavirus centre

Better tracking of coronavirus infections could be possible through experimental antibody test from Singapore

Science Magazine | 
In what appears to be a first, disease trackers in Singapore have used an experimental antibody test for COVID-19 to ...

Japan’s plan to deregulate CRISPR-edited crops may trigger backlash from consumers still wary of GMOs

Science | 
Japan will allow gene-edited foodstuffs to be sold to consumers without safety evaluations as long as the techniques involved meet ...
ca NID James Watson Center online

Proposed Chinese cancer mega-center named after Nobel laureate James Watson may refocus on precision medicine

Science | 
James Watson, the Nobel laureate who turns 90 this week, was front and center on a red-carpeted stage before an ...

China decides against renewing GM permits, raises questions about future for research

Science Insider | 
China’s Ministry of Agriculture has decided not to renew biosafety certificates that allowed research groups to grow genetically modified (GM) ...

3000 rice genomes released into public domain to boost food production

Science Insider | 
As a step toward boosting rice production to meet a projected 25 percent increase in demand by 2030, researchers from three Asian ...

Japan to relax ban on chimeric embryo experiments

Science | 
The following is an edited excerpt. A scientist pioneering research toward generating human organs in pigs has cleared one hurdle ...
ChimericMouseWithPups e

Japan reconsiders chimeric experiments

Science | 
Japan is considering relaxing restrictions on the production of chimeric animals for sake of trying to grow viable human organs ...