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Breast cancer risk actually decreases as women under 55 gain weight, study shows

Breast cancer risk actually decreases as women under 55 gain weight, study shows

A new, large-scale breast cancer study of women who had not yet reached menopause produced a surprising result: as body ...
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Genetically attracted: Online dating site wants to use DNA for matchmaking

With the online dating market exploding into a multi-billion dollar business, it's no surprise that entrepreneurs crave a piece of ...
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Why we stutter

While the average American might not come across it on a daily basis, stuttering is a relatively common condition. So when ...
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Why does testicular cancer respond better to chemotherapy? Stem cells

It’s because of the stem cells. Cornell University researchers determined that for testicular cancer, those cells are more capable of responding ...

Questioning the benefits of caffeine for Parkinson’s patients

A few years ago we were told that something as basic as drinking coffee conferred benefits upon those with Parkinson's ...

Innovative ‘cell guillotine’ could revolutionize wound healing

For the last 100 years, slicing a single cell into two equal parts has proven to be a process that's tedious, ...
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