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How do you know what information to trust about glyphosate, GMOs? Do a ‘SMELL test’

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Editor's Note: This article, written by Country Guide agriculture columnist Gerald Pilger, discusses how to determine whether an article is ...

International activist group, Avaaz, working to ban glyphosate in Canada, other countries

Country Guide | 
In the September issue of Country Guide I wrote about the Avaaz movement’s effort to ban glyphosate in “The Target is Glyphosate“ ...

How to combat misinformation about GMOs

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The good news is that farmers are finally recognizing the damage that misinformation is doing to our industry... The bad ...

Farmers struggling to counter activist demonization of safe herbicide glyphosate

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Is agriculture reacting to the GMO debate when we should be focusing on protecting glyphosate? These are questions we need ...

Public perception of farmers in decline, hurting agricultural industry

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The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. For the agricultural industry, ...