Pesticides and food: It’s not a black and white issue

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FIRST ARTICLE: Has pesticide use decreased over the last 40 years?

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Delayed diagnosis? In some children, autism traits become ‘significantly more pronounced over time’

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Some autistic children don’t show traits of the condition until age 5 or later, new research suggests. Others show a ...
here s the scientific reason that the mother child bond is so incredibly special alena ozerova x

Severe autism linked to lower serotonin levels in mothers

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Women whose children are severely autistic have lower serotonin levels than do those whose children have mild or moderate autism ...
depression TS

Depression ‘three times as common’ among adults with autism

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Depression is more than three times as common among adults with autism as it is in the general population, according ...
autism blood test

Are we close to a simple blood test for autism?

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A new study suggests that its results could lead to a simple test for some children with autism, but statisticians ...
Symptoms of Autism in Children

Autism diagnosis, treatment often complicated by accompanying conditions

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More than half of people on the [autism] spectrum have four or more other conditions. The types of co-occurring conditions ...
Colombia Project of Hope Fragile X

Colombian town with world’s largest Fragile X cluster likely linked to 18th century founder

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A semirural Colombian town called Ricaurte, about 150 miles southwest of Bogotá, may be home to the largest recorded genetic ...
Twin studies suggest our genes heavily influence how children 'gaze' and view interactions

Twin studies suggest our genes heavily influence how children ‘gaze’ and view interactions

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The way children view both social and nonsocial situations may be determined at least in part by their genes, a ...