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2% of us carry Neanderthal genes. We are at greater risk for COVID

Guardian | 
Scientists have claimed that a strand of DNA that triples the risk of developing severe Covid-19 was passed on from ...
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Exploring coronavirus patient DNA for answers: Why are some people hurt worse than others?

Guardian | 
Thousands of UK patients who have fallen ill with coronavirus will have their genomes read in a major study to ...

Suspended animation used in ‘groundbreaking’ trial to buy time for critically injured patients

Guardian | 
Doctors have put humans into a state of suspended animation for the first time in a groundbreaking trial that aims ...
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Coping with death: Our brains are wired to think it only happens to other people

Guardian | 
Warning: this story is about death. You might want to click away now. That’s because, researchers say, our brains do ...
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Are we moving closer to mind reading? Facebook-funded study turns brain signals into text

Guardian | 
With a radical new approach, doctors have found a way to extract a person’s speech directly from their brain.  The ...
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‘Evolution in action’: How ancient humans developed a mutation to protect against diabetes

Guardian | 
An ancient mutation that spread through humans after the advent of cooking may protect people against high blood sugar and ...
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Redesigning life: First living organism created with ‘fully synthetic’ genome

Guardian | 
Scientists have created the world’s first living organism that has a fully synthetic and radically altered DNA code. The lab-made ...
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Rare brain disorder—Angelman syndrome—could be treated with gene therapy in the womb

Guardian | 
Scientists are developing a radical form of gene therapy that could cure a devastating medical disorder by mending mutations in the brains ...

‘Cheap and simple’ 10-minute blood test can detect traces of cancer

Guardian | 
Scientists have developed a universal cancer test that can detect traces of the disease in a patient’s bloodstream. The cheap ...

Artificial placentas could transform research into miscarriages, still births and other pregnancy disorders

Guardian | 
Scientists have grown “mini placentas” in a breakthrough that could transform research into the underlying causes of miscarriage, stillbirth and ...

‘Morally permissible’: Genetically altered babies get nod from UK ethics panel

Guardian | 
The creation of babies whose DNA has been altered to give them what parents perceive to be the best chances ...
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Evolution of the eyebrow and why it’s so important for communication

Guardian | 
Modern humans might never have raised a quizzical eyebrow had Homo sapiens not lost the thick, bony brows of its ancient ...

Infographic: Gene editing and CRISPR in action

Guardian | 
Much of the excitement around gene editing is fueled by its potential to treat or prevent human diseases. There are ...

3-parent embryos: UK doctors identify two women to undergo breakthrough, controversial procedure

Guardian | 
Doctors in Newcastle have been granted permission to create Britain’s first “three-person babies” for two women who are at risk ...
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Google’s self-learning AI starts with blank slate and ‘creates knowledge itself’

Guardian | 
Google’s artificial intelligence group, DeepMind, has unveiled the latest incarnation of its Go-playing program, AlphaGo – an AI so powerful that ...

Children receive four times as many genetic mutations from dads than moms

Guardian | 
Children inherit four times as many new mutations from their fathers than their mothers, according to research that suggests faults ...
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Biological countdown: Male fertility fights the clock, too

Guardian | 
For men who are reluctant to start a family, it is an age-old defence: there is no need to rush ...
IQ-DNA connection deepens: 40 genes identified that contribute to intelligence

IQ-DNA connection deepens: 40 genes identified that contribute to intelligence

Guardian | 
The research on 60,000 adults and 20,000 children uncovered 40 new genes that play a role in intelligence, a haul ...
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Step toward synthetic life: Genetic code expanded from four to six letters

Guardian | 
[T]he first living organisms to thrive with an expanded genetic code have been made by researchers in work that paves ...