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rove beetle

The rove beetle may help us ‘answer questions about evolution’ other insects can’t

New York Times | 
It is rare that a new organism is introduced as a model for study in biology, but Dr. [Joseph] Parker ...
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Chickens originally domesticated for fighting, not food

New York Times | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. When the Arts and ...

Amazonians distant cousins of Australasians through ancient genetic link

New York Times | 
Some people in the Brazilian Amazon are very distant relations of indigenous Australians, New Guineans and other Australasians, two groups ...

Cellular ‘doughnut’ marks most important stage of human development

New York Times | 
Embryos of many organisms grow from two cells to four, then eight, and so on until there are thousands in ...

What brain science has and has not revealed, so far

New York Times | 
Research on the brain is surging. The United States and the European Union have launched new programs to better understand ...
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Video: Appetite control and emotion arise from similar brain areas

New York Times | 
Relatively few neurons, only thousands, control appetite in a brain region linked to inhibition, fear and emotion according to a ...
cyber brain web

U.S. Brain Initiative budget will rival that of Human Genome Project

New York Times | 
The National Institutes of Health set an ambitious $4.5 billion price tag on its part of President Obama’s Brain Initiative ...

Optogenetics: Light can control behavior when genes mediate

New York Times | 
Dr. Karl Deisseroth is having a very early breakfast before the day gets going at the annual meeting of the ...

Tiny ancient animal club gains a member: Mini-mammoth

Pittsburgh Post Gazette | 
There's a new addition to the "tiny ancient animals I'd like to have as a pet" list: a mini-mammoth that ...