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Farming mom: ‘Organic methods made our farm’s environmental impact worse’

A Fresh Look | 
Carpooler In Chief, Homework Enforcement Officer, President of Lunch-Packing, Bedtime Efficiency Strategist… When you’re a mom, you never wear just ...
Farmer Dietician Left Brand x branded minified

When a Farmer and a Dietitian are the Same Person: Telling Stories to Counter Misinformation about Biotechnology

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Jennie Schmidt, Third-Generation Maryland Farmer, Registered Dietitian, Member of the Global Farmer Network | August 7, 2018 Highlights: Combining a ...

GMO vs. non-GMO: How farmers decide which crops to grow

Blog | 
. . . . Choosing different varieties of corn or soybeans, some with and some without GM traits is one of ...

Myth busting Foodie Farmer: Do conventional farmers “douse” fields in chemicals?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Conventional farmers, especially those who grow genetically modified crops, are often accused of "dousing" or "drowning" their fields in chemical ...
GMO labeling

Debate: Are “Non GMO” labels deceptive?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Non GMO products are reportedly a $7 billion a year business — but do consumers get what they think they're ...

Hidden costs in GMO labeling

Foodie Farmer | 
Mandatory GMO labeling would require a huge addition in infrastructure needed to segregate grain. True traceability in our food supply ...

I grow GMOs, and I’m not ashamed or embarrassed

Foodie Farmer | 
Yesterday, I testified before the Maryland State Senate Committee on Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee. I was speaking against SB778 "Genetically ...

Are farmers forced to adopt GM seeds?

Foodie Farmer | 
In the ever-growing debate about genetically modified seeds and the crops that come from them, misinformation too often distorts the ...
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