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iPS derived motor neurons ALSproject

Reprogramming stem cells into motor neurons could help patients with paralysis

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[S]cientists developed a mechanism to directly reprogram stem cells into motor neurons. Cell reprogramming is a novel exploration in medical studies ...
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Cancer can emerge from changes to epigenome, not just gene mutations

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Doctors’ ruling perspective on cancer has been that it is caused by a series of genetic changes. However, a team ...

Breakthrough synthetic nervous system performs “remarkably similar” to human system

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In a breakthrough for regenerative medicine, scientists have grown intestinal tissues with functional nerves in a laboratory setup using human ...
new lymphoma treatment leukemia cancer ibrutinib

Unapproved DNA drug therapy could reduce breast cancer and leukemia tumors

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Promising data has revealed a new treatment for breast cancer and leukemia. It works by attacking cancer cells’ ability to repair ...