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Lawsuit alleging EPA illegally re-approved dicamba could prevent farmers from spraying controversial weedkiller

In 2016, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved Monsanto’s dicamba-based herbicide under a conditional two-year registration. The agency determined dicamba, ...
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Opposition to EPA re-approval of Bayer, BASF dicamba herbicides mounts as widespread crop damage continues

Decisions made in the next year will be critical for the future use of the herbicide dicamba, a weed killer ...

Dicamba trial: Bayer contends peach farm damage occurred before drift-prone Monsanto herbicide hit the market

St. Louis Post Dispatch | 
In all-day testimony on the eighth day of the trial, [farmer Bill] Bader said as long as dicamba is sprayed ...
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Dicamba on trial: Peach farmer testifies Monsanto knew its drift-prone herbicide would damage his 1,000-acre operation

St. Louis Post Dispatch | 
Since 1970, Bill Bader has worked on peach farms in Dunklin County, Missouri, just north of the Arkansas border. Bader ...